Waterfall Wonderland (when we get enough rain)

One of the many things I really enjoy in and around Dekalb county are the abundant waterfalls. I’ve taken my beat up skeletal system down canyon walls and mountain sides just to get a look and hopefully some cool pictures at the base of a waterfall.

DeSoto Falls

Usually during the winter, early spring and sometimes into the late spring and summer the water is freely flowing in northeast Alabama. Sometimes certain falls the water get high enough for people braver than me to kayak over.

Little River Falls – 2/25/2019

But there are years where drought can completely dry up the area’s waterfalls. It usually starts in early to mid-summer and can extend into late autumn. In the fall of 2016, we had a particularly bad drought. There was no water flowing over Little River falls for the first time in over 50 years


In spite of our times of dry weather, you might lucky one day and wind up sitting on a rainbow.

High Falls

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