The Freedom Run

The Rainsville Freedom Run is literally held in my neighborhood. In fact you can sit in our yard and watch runners go by not far from the finish line. The last run 5K/10K run had runners from 5 different countries and 15 states and 895 total. Not bad for a town of about 5,000 in the southern Appalachians. This year the participants and sponsors gave to the following charities:

The Summit, Running for Uganda, Running For Joy, Kids Bolt, Turning Point Pregnancy Center, and DeKalb County Animal Shelter

There was also a group there (RTI Warriors) that was I a member of sponsored by Rainsville Technology. Which is also the company I just retired from. So it’s worth walking over just to see them. And there are teams representing chicken wings among other things of great importance.

The mighty RTI Warriors
The mighty RTI Warriors

Below I have a link to an album with more from the neighborhood run. Remember on the video that the Benny Hill act of 1972 says that all speeded up video montages must use "Yakety Sax" as the backing music

Rainsville Freedom Run 2019

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